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We have 20 years of travel experience and have been honeymooning for 25 years. We love to travel and adventure. We specialize in Honeymoons, Luxury, All Inclusive, Adults Only, Family and Cruising Travel. We research and answer all questions. We plan special moments and adventures. We look for the best value to suit the specific needs of our guest, and the best part is we are free! We have traveled to some of the most beautiful destinations of the world including: Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Martin, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Nassau, Bermuda, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Las Vegas, New York, Disney, California, Spain, France and Italy. We have also sailed on some of the most amazing Cruise Ships of the seas.

Sepe Travel provides a magical experience of your dreams. Take your dream vacation or cruise. There are different specials, discounts, and sweepstakes monthly! Take that family trip you have been talking about, go on a cruise with your significant other or go on your honeymoon! We can help you find the rarest of destinations to travel to and see the world like you never have before. Go home with a breathtaking experience then show off your captivating pictures with family and friends. We have a mission to provide all of our clients the ultimate experience in traveling their vacation. Our company will help you with any extras you are looking for, for example, if you need help with rental cars. We can help you. If you need help with any travel protection, vacation excursions, and honeymoon registry, we are the professionals you have been searching for! We can do it all for you, the many packages offered to help you find the most affordable and luxurious destination. We are the travel agency who is dedicated to supplying outstanding customer satisfaction.

The Cruises we offer have a variety of packages you can select from. They all vary from many different activities to do while traveling the ocean. There are many options to choose from like the room you want to stay in, the options for your dinner and the activities you decide to do while on vacation. We have several cruise lines you are able to choose from, what kind of cruise do you want to go on? There are many to choose from, there should be an issue selecting the right one. The issue is which one is perfect for you? We will help you find the best cruise for you! Sepe Travel has the understanding and expertise to assist you in finding the ultimate vacation choice. Select a destination of your dreams, for example, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, South America, Bermuda, Caribbean, Europe, Central America, and Exotic. All of these destinations are conveniently available for you to see which is the best or we can help too.

The resorts we offer are the most beautiful you can find in the world! There are many destinations you can select from when you are looking for a resort. Each package there is to offer has the most unbelievable accommodations that are unique to your dream vacation. Take a vacation to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, or Cuba! Each of these resorts has their own sparkle to enhance your experience! Create a perfect memories with one of our resorts, this will be an unforgettable getaway. We can offer the most romantic of vacations to take your spouse on!


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